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Getting Started with Milling

November 06th, 2008 | Category: General

My Mill

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Several people have asked me about my milling setup, and so I decided to write a bit about my setup, and getting started with your own setup.  This will serve as a very basic guide to setting up your own mill.   Milling allows for a very large degree in freedom not just in modifying locks but you will most likely find many other uses for it too.   You may be surprised how useful you find it to have a mill, once you have one around:) Read more


Medeco Biaxial Mortise – My Cutaway

September 11th, 2008 | Category: General
Side view of unlocked cylinder

Medeco Biaxial

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The Medeco Biaxial is the previous generation of Medeco lock, however it is arguably a more secure cylinder than the newer M3. Involving almost as much complexity as the M3, it is frequently a hard lock to explain to others. While there are factory cutaways of this lock (similar to the M3 in the previous post) they do not effective in showing the unique features of Medeco locks. To be able to show people how Medeco locks really work I decided to make my own Medeco cutaway. This is also my first milled cutaway for the blog.

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August 18th, 2008 | Category: General

I am sorry for the lack of updates on my blog, after doing the last factory cutaway article I vowed the next one would be a custom cutaway on my new mill.  There were some delays in getting the mill setup properly with DRO controls, and then several conferences that delayed me making another post.  I am working on the next article as we speak, and it will be out soon.  After that will be a short article about my mill now that it is properly working (and what you would need to get your own mill up and running). I thank everyone for there patience and will have content more regularly soon.



September 29th, 2007 | Category: General

Welcome to my blog,  I am a lock collector with an interest specifically in cutaways.  

I have always followed several other blogs, but few have much in the way of cutaways and even fewer in how to make cutaways.     

I plan to not only document how and the result of the cutaways I attempt, but also any tools and professional cutaways I acquire along the way.

 So welcome, and some real content to follow.