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Medeco M3 and M3 BiLevel Mortise – Factory Cutaways

December 31st, 2007 | Category: Factory Cutaways

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Update: Some errors were made in this article, please see the end for the corrections

The Medeco M3 is Medeco’s latest commercial cylinder and was released as a replacement for the Medeco Biaxial.  They released both the M3 and the lesser known M3 BiLevel (M3B for short) at the same time.   On the surface both look surprisingly similar, and even with factory cutaways it may not be immediately apparent what the difference is.  We will explore the workings of the M3 and M3B and see what they bring to the table beyond the Biaxial in terms of security and features.  In addition we will take a look to see why the beefy looking M3 BiLevel may not give you much more security than the Kwikset on your front door.

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